"Spraying and dusting grew out of the idea that we can blast away our problems,
Integrated pest management requires us to think creatively from an informed position."
Art Simpson, President, IPMT INC. ®

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Yosemite Rough
Doom Lava Lava
Saf-Set Mouse
Saf-Set Rat
Doom Bug
Mouse House
Doom Tube Mouse
Doom Tube Rat
Mini-Doom Ant
Doom Dome


Thank you for your interest in the finest pest products in the world! They may be found in all fine stores that carry pest products.

Welcome to the Integrated Pest Management Technologies, Inc. ®, showcase of the "WORLD'S BEST™" pest control products. IPMT INC.® believes that successful pest solutions are the results of many industry thinkers and their product designs, over years of thoughtful field analysis and scientific research. Knowledge is certainly cumulative in the pest technology field and scientific gains are continually made.
IPMT INC.® has won a variety of national and international Patents and Trademarks for their traps and bait stations.  These designs are a developmental continuation of the myriad of products used in this fascinating field.
IPMT INC.®'s snap traps are designed to be easier to use, and faster and safer to set. Our SAF-SET™ traps are state of the art, and designed as irreducible complexities. They bait easily and set safely and quickly and are strong enough for a quick kill. Because they are made of high quality stainless steel and plastic, they may be hosed off and used many times over, making them very cost efficient. You can guarantee to yourself that the SAF-SET™ Rat and Mouse traps are the ultimate snap trap.

Our glue traps enclose the rodent, and unlike open glueboards or trays of glue, DOOM TUBES™ eliminate the danger of being being bitten or scratched when picking up the trap. Placing the caps onto the ends of the trap promote safety during disposal, and reduce the suffering caused when using an open tray or cardboard sheet of glue. Filled with water, the disinfectant on each cap will help to eliminate the germs on the rodent.  Children, their toys and pets are also protected from coming into contact with the glue accidentally. Because the glue is enclosed in DOOM TUBES™ it stays cleaner and efficacious longer in dusty environments like farms and warehouses.   
Our "WORLD'S BEST™" bait stations are each designed to provide a method of bait delivery not now available to the consumer. Cardboard bait holders are not very secure, are colorful and raise children's curiosity. Our premise is that bait should be secure from children, protected from the elements, and where possible kept out of sight. Our multi-purpose bait station "MOUSE HOUSE™" is designed to deliver rodent and crawling insect bait at the same time. "DOOM LAVA LAVA™" is camouflaged so as to not draw attention to itself in potted plants or window boxes. "DOOM BUG™" can be baited with food to attract flies, poisons are not needed, and it makes an attractive educational tool. "YOSEMITE ROUGH™" is the ultimate Patented multi-purpose bait station for the homeowner and pest professional alike. It may be baited for rats and mice, ants, roaches, crickets and flying insects simultaneously. This is a great pest product!

Mini-Doom Ant
(Product available to the trade only)
Doom Dome
(Product available to the trade only)